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Private Duty Home Care Franchise Opportunities: Helping Seniors Live on Their Terms

With Visiting Angels home care franchise opportunities, you can make a difference in your community.

Are you someone who is looking to make a difference for others? A home care franchise opportunity from Visiting Angels® can give you the chance to make a difference on a daily basis. As the owner of a Visiting Angels location, you’ll provide families in your local community with the private duty home care options they are searching for and the peace of mind they desire most of all.

home care franchise opportunities are available

Data from the U.S. Census indicates that the number of individuals in the senior age group will hit 73.1 million by 2030. Furthermore, 8,000 individuals in the country turn 60 every day. From this age onward, the need for support with daily activities can increase significantly.

While nursing homes and retirement communities once seemed to be the only option for older adults in need of care, this is no longer the case. Home care franchise opportunities, such as those available through Visiting Angels, are making in-home support more accessible. As a result, elderly adults across the country, who want to live in their own homes, can receive the nurturing, reliable, and compassionate care they need to make this desire a reality.

How a Home Care Franchise can Help You Make a Difference

Taking advantage of a home care franchise opportunity from Visiting Angels can put you in a prime position to help seniors through a wide range of supportive services. We equip our franchisees with the training and knowledge they need to ensure home care services are available to the families in their community who desperately need them.

Our aim is to educate and support our franchisees while providing the resources they need to deliver high-quality care to elderly adults who want to live at home. This mission is centered on restoring hope to families by focusing on improving the quality of life of older individuals and enhancing their well-being.

We do this by making relationship-building an integral part of our services. Coupling this relationship-centered approach with a broad spectrum of care types helps seniors cope with diverse challenges at different stages of the aging process.

Services Provided by Our Home Care Franchise Locations

Our franchise locations provide services designed to assist elderly adults with ADLs or “activities of daily living.” ADLs are those everyday tasks and routines that must be completed for an individual to maintain their well-being, such as getting dressed, using the restroom, and eating regular meals.

While these activities may seem simple, many seniors find them to be a growing challenge as they get older. Whether issues with mobility stand in the way of safely performing these tasks or cognitive decline creates an unexpected obstacle, help from a home care provider can make a world of difference.

Although many of the care types offered by our home care franchises include assistance with ADLs, we don’t only provide support of a physical nature. We also strive to promote the emotional, spiritual, and social well-being of the individuals we serve. As a result, we have services available that help seniors maintain active social lives and feel less alone in difficult seasons.

Some of the care offerings you may frequently provide as a Visiting Angels home care franchise owner include:

  • Companion Care
    This is one of the most commonly requested forms of home care, covering help with daily tasks around the house, from chores to cooking meals. This type of care also provides seniors the companionship they often miss dearly.

  • Personal Care
    Personal care expands upon the services offered under companion care, providing direct physical assistance with ADLs such as grooming, bathing, getting dressed, and walking.

  • Alzheimer’s Care and Dementia Care
    With in-home memory care services, it is possible for elderly adults to avoid traumatic relocations and instead stay in surroundings that are familiar and comforting.

  • Respite Care
    Family caregivers give selflessly to help their loved ones. However, they often find they can’t do it all on their own. Reaching out for respite care allows these unpaid caregivers to take breaks and enjoy vacations with the knowledge that their loved ones are safe.

  • End of Life Care
    Elderly adults who are approaching the final life stage often have unique needs. Through end of life care, we can help with many tasks, so family members can have a peaceful environment in which to spend precious moments with their loved one.

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the service Visiting Angels locations offer. We have also created specialized programs that meet other needs, such as a transitional care program called Ready, Set, Go Home, our Safe & Steady Fall Prevention program, and our Social Care program.

Extensive Services Enhance the Value of Our Home Care Franchise Opportunities

Visiting Angels franchisees can provide home care programs that meet the needs of seniors in their territory and make the most sense for their business. This approach enables new franchisees to experience horizontal growth and accommodate the care requirements of their target market for as long as possible.

For example, a client new to home care will often begin with a basic care type, such as companion care. As they grow older, they may encounter unexpected challenges that make more specialized care, such as Alzheimer’s care, the right choice for them. By making it possible for our franchisees to meet a wide array of home care needs, we are helping them better serve the families in their communities while also providing valuable opportunities for business growth.

Regardless of whether you have been touched by a personal experience with a loved one, are inspired to make a positive change in your community, or want a more fulfilling career, a home care franchise opportunity can help you reach your goals. As you learn more about the array of services our franchises offer and how they improve the quality of life of seniors, consider the home care needs in your area.

We encourage you to reach out to your family members and neighbors and inquire about the needs they have personally experienced when searching for home care. We’re sure you’ll find that these many needs could be met through a Visiting Angels franchise.

Learn More About Our Home Care Franchise Opportunities

Could our home care franchise opportunities be right for you? To learn more, call the Visiting Angels team today at 800-365-4189 or request information online to learn more.

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